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I love… Wednesday, 12/26/2007

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…my wife.  There’s a number of reasons why, but the most recent is that she knows me, and knows what I want, even when I don’t tell her.  So, recently, I’ve been passively looking at MP3/Video players, with the intention of getting something, since my old Dell DJ is a few years old/falling apart/hard to use/etc.  Plus, I really liked the iPod nano I got for her last year.  So, what does she get me for Christmas, the device I’ve dubbed the AntiPod (since it’s black, and not the normal iPod white):


Now, that’s not my music selection there, but you get the idea. It’ll also play videos, which I tested out last night.  It works like a champ.  So, those of you out there with your own iPod, shoot me some suggestions on accessories.  I’m planning on getting a cover for it (since I hate scratches in anything), but I’d gladly take any advice.  All I have to say is that I’m a lucky man, and a grateful one.  Thanks dear!  For everything!

Now, the ubergeek part of this post.  I’m loving Linq, and the new improvements in C# that come along with the .NET 3.5 framework.  I’m sure the other developers out there can relate to this, but I usually code something thinking “Well, that’s how it should work, so I’m good”, knowing that it’s not true.  I might get it 75% right, and after a few trips to Google/Microsoft.com/etc., I’ll get it figured out.  Well, I just coded something using Linq, thinking that very thought, and what do you know…it actually DID work like I thought it would.  It’s really the first time that I’ve experienced a language/technology doing exactly what I thought it would without having to understand the “guts” of what’s going on.  Anyways, I just had to share.

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